Custom Colours

We have created a range of foliage and trunk colours for projects where strong natural colours are not suitable, for example on white or timber models. These trees can usually can be made at no extra cost and include white and off-whites, Foster pastels, subdued greens, and browns and beiges. Also shown for comparison are our natural summer greens.

As colours never show true on computer monitors we have given the nearest Pantone reference numbers as a better indication of the exact shades. A sample set is available to trade/account customers.

If you can't see the colour you require please contact us to discuss our colour matching service.

  • Subdued greens

    Subdued greens

    Subdued greens mid (5777U) and light (5787U) on beige trunks

  • White and off-whites

    White and off-whites

    White, off-white yellow- green (580C) and off-white blue-green (621U) on white trunks

  • Browns and beiges

    Browns and beiges

    Cork brown (728U), beige-green mid (616U) and beige-green light (614U) on beige trunks

  • Foster pastels

    Foster pastels

    Foster pastels light (621U) mid (622U) and dark (624U) on beige trunks

  • Natural summer greens

    Natural summer greens

    For comparison these are our natural summer greens; light (383U) mid (57C) and dark (574C) on brown trunks