Custom Trees

In addition to our standard tree range we provide a custom tree service.

At small scales this can mean a relatively simple and inexpensive option such as applying a particular foliage or trunk colour to a standard frame to indicate a particular species, for example mid green foliage for oaks, dark for holly, or white trunks for silver birch.

At larger scales more detail is possible, and a variety of different etched frame styles can be used, such as for copper beech, or Scots pines.

  • Copper beech foliage on extra wide 150mm etched frame

  • 150mm and 125mm Scots Pine

We can supply custom trees where exact heights and widths are specified, or from photos, for instance when important existing trees need to be accurately represented on planning models.

Trees can also be produced with sparse or no foliage, to represent winter trees or to avoid obscuring a building elevation, or in various browns to complement a timber model.

  • Winter trees in brown and silver

  • Tree with brown foliage to match timber model